how going around enjoying a special birthday cake?

12/14/2011 15:14

Sometimes you assume you can find actually to many various cakes to pick from, the vast number and sorts of customized special
birthday cakes really tends to make them all way more exclusive they would once be.
Do you actually remember wandering in to a supermarket, or possibly a bakery, looking for a good birthday celebration pastry and all you really got ended up being a white pastry having a name written upon it? Well undoubtedly, this pastry wasn't personal. It simply had the recipient's name penned on it and little or nothing extra, almost
similar like getting a wishing card and write on that this has been handmade by you! But in reality just the text has been handwritten by you, what about the card it sel?

What about the rest of the available cakes?
Nowadays, there are much more possibilities to create a fully customized cake, think about the many types of decoration's available, edible photo printed material is a possibility, or even 3D printed toppers for instance.
The ingredients in personalised birthday cakes are no longer limited to some flavouring, flour, eggs and water – you can get various fillings, different types of flour, maybe ditch
the flour in favour of ice cream.
From a diet perspective it is even possible now to create an extreme low calorie cake, by using soy or rice milk and flower in combination with honey.
Exotic flavours like tropical fruit, different types of chocolate flavours, jellies, cheese fillings, and more offer something for everyone's unique tastes. People with allergies to things like nuts, peanuts, gluten, and other ingredients have the ultimate in flexibility now too.

The only limation for creating a personalised birthday cake is money, because everything is widely available to create any taste, size or shape.
Everything is possible, From a simple sheet cake with basic shape to really advanced cakes with a professional construction. Do you like castles, cars, football, action movies, or just about anything else? You can get a cake made to look like whatever you can imagine. Even landmarks with the complete environment around it can be completely recreated with frosting.

The decorations for your birthday cake are also only limited by what you come up with, and of course, the budget which is available. The days of handwritten icing and icing flowers are out of fashion, besides the decorations are less expensive than you might think. It is even possible to have any photograph or image printed on your cake by almost any local bakery. The development of edible decorations has not stood still, it is possible to imitate almost any type of surface, such as bricks in a wall or silver and gold.

Personalised birthday cake presentation is more than just putting a cake on a table.
Another extravagant option is to have moving parts and/or connected objects and things, just think how impressed the attendees will be with flying butterflies around the cake! Buildings could be recreated with characters coming out, using special supports and pipes to make sure no accidents happen, this type of cakes is for those with wild fantasies of course!
Clearly, there are quite some possibilities to choose from after reading this article, I'm sure you will have an amazing cake this year!

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